Truth About Democrats
Truth About Democrats

Religious Bigotry Summary

Religious Bigotry
Religious Bigotry

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and values—that our rights come from God, not Government.

The policies of the Left undermine the principles of religious freedom—that God, not man, determines what is right and wrong. Secular progressives are re-shaping our country with laws that change the definition of marriage, by expanding abortion rights to include:

  • infanticidekilling healthy, living, babies,
  • removal of religious symbols in public places, including crosses in military cemeteries,
  • taking away the tax exemption of religious organizations because of Gay Rights and by their criticism and hateful attacks on Jews and Christians.

We can no longer speak freely about our faith in public. We are restricted to “worshiping” in churches and synagogues.

The time has come that we must fight to defend religious freedom. God loves our country, and will help us.