Truth About Democrats

Truth About DemocratsTruth About Democrats – what every American needs to know about the Democrat party, the Democrat platform, and the devastating negative impact on America. Truth About Democrats is an educational resource to help Americans gain insights about Democrat policies on socialism, racism, climate fraud, gun control, infanticide (abortion), failed education, censorship, religious bigotry, open borders, corruption and the culture.

The future of our great country is in your hands!

That is why Truth About Democrats was created

“We The People” need to be informed to govern. Unfortunately, much of the information available is biased and incorrect. We provide relevant and factual information to help you make knowledgeable decisions about Democrat policies and programs.

You’ll find the website is easy to navigate. Simply select the topics by clicking on the corresponding image. There you can see

  • a short topical SUMMARY
  • comprehensive ANALYSIS and commentary
  • AUDIO/VIDEO presentations and learning area
  • FACT SHEETS that can be printed to give to fellow voters
  • RESOURCES to other websites for additional information.
Truth About Democrats
Truth About Deomcrats