Failed Education Summary

Failed Education Summary
Failed Education Summary

The rise of Socialism started in the classroom by taking over our schools and indoctrinating our children. Our beliefs in self-government are being replaced by intellectual elitism—telling us we’re not smart enough to make decisions about our freedoms. For example, half of the millennial generation prefer Socialism to Capitalism.

Our educational system continues to decline. We are now ranked 20th in the world, even though we spend substantially more than other countries. Public school students are graduating at a ninth grade proficiency level, and 25% never finish. Colleges are awarding worthless degrees and bankrupting students with oppressive debt. Higher education is not affordable. Our educational system is a disgrace and needs major reforms.

It’s time to take back our schools. Stop the indoctrination. Start controlling and dictating the curriculum. Tell the academics and bureaucrats that “We The People” will make the decisions.