Censorship Summary


Debate and dissent test the validity of TRUTH. Free speech is all speech, including so-called “hate speech”. The left is telling us that culture dictates the appropriateness of speech. But, whose culture? The PC culture.

The tyranny of Political Correctness originated under Communism, and is used by Progressives to take control of our country. Conservatives are being silenced by the mainstream media, social media, academia, big tech, and by angry activists. By suppressing free speech, individualism (our right to self-govern) is being replaced by communal conformity—Socialism.

Democrats want hate speech laws—bureaucrats arbitrarily defining what is “appropriate” speech, without debate and dissent. But, you can not regulate speech. It only encourages retaliation. It’s time to speak out. Get in their face. Tell the PC Police to “kiss off”. We’ve had enough of their intimidation, hatred, and suppression.